“Delhi OYE mobilizes young leaders to use
language and art as tool to spread awareness and
sensitize youth and children on gender issues.”


Delhi OYE a nonprofit entity founded in 2014 with the mission to create a volunteer based model and develop a pool of gender sensitive volunteers who will spread awareness, conduct activities and advocate for gender equality. With a futuristic approach, the organization envisions to create a society free of gender based discrimination and violence and to provide equal rights along with opportunities to every individual

Gender inequality in India is a multifaceted issue that concerns men and women alike and, Delhi OYE is an organization that works for an aim to inculcate gender equality in society. Gender equality is a human issue and we consider appreciating, respecting and promoting human values.

Our Model

“The first problem with all of us, men and women, is not to learn but to unlearn.”

  • Gender Workshops

    Activities ranging from understanding of the society and self to clearing conceptions on gender and sex, from understanding gender based violence to creating the space of sharing and expression.

  • Spoken English Classes-

    focus on the use of language to inculcate gender learning. Discussions and fun-cum learning activities like story and script writing will be incorporated.

  • Art based activities

    comic designing, drawing and video making classes for all those who enjoy expressing through art. With learning, we aim to build gender sensitivity in the participants.

  • Training and Leadership programs

    the program will be structured in a way so as to develop and further promote gender neutrality through various day to day today activities, so that gender equality can be established in the long run.

  • Jansabhas

    there will be space created for women of localities to meet and share their grievances regarding safety issues. This will allow them to unite as a group, embolden them and also allow them to reclaim their share of the available public spaces.

Our Team

Karina Bhasin
Community Engagement

Karina is pursuing her Bachelors in Commerce from MSCW, Delhi University.She handles Community Engagement and Training where she engages with the people at the grassroots level. and community.

Prgya Lodha
Designer Development

Pragya is presently a student of Clinical Psychology.Her interests in mental health and gender studies drive her to work closely with the core team to engage with content development and working model design.

Rashi Rao

Rashi is a graduate from Delhi University.Rashi manages the workshops and events that are conducted at Delhi Oye. She is responsible for the on ground training and awareness programmes.

Yogesh Kumar
Strategy and Growth

Yogesh is the Founder of Delhi OYE.He loves being among people and holds an exquisite interest in writing. His expertise also serves the strategic growth and development.

Our Partners

“All human beings are born
free and equal”

If you would like to join us in our effort to promote gender equality and take up the training program,
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Delhi Oye
Office Address:- 640,Lane no 4, Westend Marg, Saket New Delhi-110030
Ph:- +91-9769519757
Email:- info@delhioye.org

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